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Certified and Organic Soaps
Our soap line is made with 85% organic ingredients. We use Organic and natural essential oils and herbs that are natural for the skin. Environmentally friendly. There are no artificial substances. No parabens.

We aimed for a balance of bar hardness so it will be long lasting. The quality of lather–fluffy but stable and the ability to moisturize. Our scents are pure essential oils (plant extracts), our colorants are herbs; and our preservatives are plant extracts. We’ve tried to cover many of the scents you love. Each bar is 4oz. What will be your favorite(s)?

Go to our SPECIALS tab for a discount when buying 3 bars.

Note: Because of the natural ingredients, color may vary due to the herbs and essential oils variance with the seasons. The pictures show the color approximately, however, variations may occur.