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SAVE! Specials & Promotions for our Products

Want to buy more than one Soya Essence Lotion?   Or a combination of Soya Essence and Rough Hands lotion?   Here’s the place to do just that…….and save some money !!   You save 10% when you buy more than one.

We offer a mix or match with our Soya Essence Smooth Shave Oil and our Skeeter Beater insect repellant…..and you save 10% when you buy more than one item with this special too !!

Our Sinus Pack is always a great buy…….Sinus Stick, Sinus Salts and Sinus Blend for the Diffuser……and save 10% !!

Our newest Gift Pack……the Spa Pack offers a great savings. We offer both a large Spa pack and a small Spa Pack….and great savings too !!

Foote Joye….2 pack            Lip Balm 5 pks

Bar Soap 3 packs               Essential Oil–Intro Starter pack

And our popular….Face Care pack….utilizing 4 of our All Natural and Organic Products.

Check them all out !!!     and SAVE some Money too !!