So what is the difference between Broad-Spectrum and Full-Spectrum CBD anyway?

If you have researched CBD for any amount of time you have surely noticed categories such as Broad or Full-Spectrum (and even isolate) CBD Oils and products.

But what does this mean, and more importantly, how can you use this information to find the best product for you?

It really is pretty simple, and it all comes down to the extraction process that the cannabinoid went through before it was packaged.

First, some definitions.

Full-Spectrum Oil

This oil contains all of the cannabinoids present in the hemp before extraction. This means that all of the oils, from CBD to THC to CBG and terpenes are present in the final distillate. The THC content however is quite low (less than .3%) because the oil must fit into federal guidelines for hemp extracts.

Broad-Spectrum Oil

This oil contains all of the cannabinoids present in the hemp before extraction, minus the THC. This means that cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG, and the terpenes are present in the final distillate. But the THC content is so low that it cannot be detected in a test.


Isolate is different than the previous two. Once the hemp has had its oils extracted, they are processed again so that the only cannabinoid left is the target cannabinoid; such as CBD or CBG. There are no terpenes left behind, and all of the other beneficial naturally occurring products of the plant.

So how does this affect you?

It’s simple really. If you are regularly drug tested, or may be subject to a random screening for your work, then an isolate product is the best product for you.

While you will need to take more milligrams per serving to see the effects of the CBD, you will be safe from most false-positives on a drug screening (though nothing is ever 100% so please take caution and/or let employers know what supplements you take if possible).

The other two simply comes down to how you feel about THC being in your oil.

But let’s clear something up first. Full-Spectrum Oil is non-psychoactive as the amount of THC is so low that even if you consumed an entire 1 oz bottle of CBD that you would not feel the effects of the THC. Remember, it has less than .3% THC by volume in the bottle. A trivial amount at best.

So why keep it in at all?

Well this comes down to the entourage effect, or the way the various parts of the plant, including the cannabinoids and terpenes, work together. They are simply greater than the sum of their parts.

It takes fewer milligrams of Full-Spectrum Oil to find the effect you are looking for, so it can also be more cost-effective if you are taking the oil as a daily supplement. But if even these small amounts of THC make you nervous you can always opt for a Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil. Broad-Spectrum products also have a lower chance of triggering a false positive on a drug test, though there is always the possibility, so please be cautious.

No matter what oil you pick, there is one thing we can guarantee, we back all of the brands we carry and if you are not satisfied with the oil you purchase from us we will work with you until we find you the perfect product.

Our commitment is to your health and well-being first. Nothing is more important to us.

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Broad-Spectrum vs Full-Spectrum CBD Oil - Differences