CBD Shops are a dime a dozen these days. It seems that you can’t go anywhere without finding CBD for sale. From national pharmacy chains to grocery stores to gas stations and even movie rental chains. CBD is more available now than ever.

But that may not be a good thing. While consumers continue to demand access to CBD and other cannabinoids, more companies are jumping into the market, many without really knowing what they are selling.

But you wouldn’t expect a national manufacturer that has been listed on countless “best CBD” lists to have issues with products, would you?

Major CBD Brand Allegedly Fails Third-Party Testing

A lawsuit brought against Missouri based manufacturer CBD American Shaman states that their products did not live up to their own conditions.

Read the full complaint here.

The lawsuit is being brought by Florida resident Michael Davis. Davis purchased CBD products from CBD American Shaman and then sent the unopened products to ProVerde Laboratories in Massachusetts. This is the same lab that CBD American Shaman uses for their own tests.

When Davis received the results back it indicated that the products he had sent in for testing had allegedly failed ProVerde’s testing for copper, nickel and lead. The complain also states that the products failed for the yeast and mold evaluation and for microbiological contaminants.

What Can Be Learned From This?

When we heard this story we immediately began to question our own methods of picking which cannabinoid product lines we will carry. We have always had strict processes that included receiving timely third-party tests, and have asked probing questions of representatives from companies such as Original Hemp and Green Roads about their products and methods of production.

We have always felt sure in the products we carry, and we still do. But going forward all current and new lines of CBD products we have products sent to an independent lab to make sure the products are up to our standards and the standards of our customers.

On top of this, our vendors will not be told which products will be sent for testing. This is to make sure we are getting accurate results.