Hemp is an amazing plant. On top of giving us incredible cannabinoids like CBD, it can be used to make many useful items such as rope and even a concrete alternative. One of our favorite uses is hemp clothing.


Because if the hemp is farmed responsibly it has a low environmental impact and makes durable clothes that stand up to truly living life to its fullest.

Patagonia’s Hemp Collection

Patagonia is one of the most respected manufacturer’s of clothing in the world. Yvon Chouinard founded the company in 1970 after he bought some shirts on a climbing expedition in Scotland and sold them to climbers back in the US.

The company grew and Patagonia became the standard for rugged mountain climbing clothing, and over the years has branched out to clothing for everyday life as well.

Their line of hemp clothing includes something for everyone. Our favorites include this adorable dress for little girls, this canvas ranch jacket, and these women’s shorts.

tentree Hemp Clothing

Not only does the team over at tentree make some fantastic clothing, but they also have a mission that we can really get behind. As their name says, they plant 10 trees for every item they sell.

The selection of hemp clothing over at tentree is amazing. From hats and shorts to hoodies and pullovers. Their clothing encompasses the athletawear trend, but does it will real style.

Hempy’s Hemp Clothing

Hempy’s might have the largest selection of hemp clothing on the market. Founded in 1995 when a surfer was looking to make a reusable bag for his board wax.

So the company has been at it longer than most.

A large range of accessories like belts and wallets, clothing items like jeans and leggings, and even necessities like hemp cord and rope, Hempy’s has you covered.

Toad & Co. Hemp Clothing

As you can tell from this video, the crew at Toad & Co. don’t take themselves too seriously. They do however take their clothing seriously and their hemp collection is fantastic.

Split into both men’s and women’s collections, their hemp clothing gives you a wide range of styles, and since they’re made from hemp you can guarantee that they’re going to be durable and last for years.


We hope you’ll choose to purchase some great clothing from these companies. Hemp can do so much for the planet and is an incredibly simple plant. It requires little water other than rain, can be grown with zero pesticides, is non-GMO, and is phyto-remediative, meaning it helps clean the soil of toxins and will prevent soil erosion. It’s the plant that keeps on giving.